Place Vendôme

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Facts and Figures

Run time: 117 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 7th October 1998

Distributed by: Wellspring Media Inc.

Production compaines: Les Films Alain Sarde, TF1 Films Production

Reviews 3 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 85%
Fresh: 17 Rotten: 3

IMDB: 6.2 / 10

Cast & Crew



Starring: Catherine Deneuve as Marianne Malivert, Jean-Pierre Bacri as Jean-Pierre, Emmanuelle Seigner as Nathalie, Jacques Dutronc as Battistelli, Bernard Fresson as Vincent Malivert, François Berléand as Eric Malivert, Dragan Nikolić as Janos, Otto Tausig as Samy, László Szabó as Charlie Rosen, Elisabeth Commelin as Mademoiselle Pierson, Philippe Clévenot as Kleiser, Malik Zidi as Sam's Son, Eric Ruf as Phillipe Ternece, nidal al-askhar as Saliha, Larry Lamb as Christopher Makos, Julian Fellowes as Wajman, Michael Culkin as De Beers Man, Nick Ellsworth as De Beers Man, Antoine Blanquefort as De Beers Man, Coralie Seyrig as Malivert Shop Assistant, Carmen Román as Malivert Shop Assistant, Martine Erhel as Louise, Arnaud Xainte as Malivert Employee, Aristide Demonico as Malivert Employee, Paolo Capisano as Malivert Employee, Germaine Labarthe as Shop Customer, Eric Landau as Diamond Expert, James Oliver as Advocate, Sylvie Flepp as Clinic Nurse, Hélène Otternaud as Clinic Nurse, Saliha Fellahi as Clinic Nurse, Pierre Mottet as The Doctor, Michel Hulby as Dinner Guest, Paul Chevillard as Dinner Guest, Catherine Cretin as Dinner Guest, Delphine Blamont as Chambermaid at the Ritz, Pierre-Jean Le Gregan as Bellhop, Pascal Renault as The Hunter, Mykhaël Georges-Schar as Hilton Concierge, Philippe Giblin as Jean-Pierre's Assistant, Arno Feffer as Musician Behind with the Rent, Cécile Camp as l'épouse de Jean-Pierre, Mehdi Mengal as Le fils de Jean-Pierre, Jean-Claude Perrin as Le prêtre, Albert Goldberg as Le joueur de poker, David George as Le copain de Samy, Henry Leon Bakon as Le copain de Samy, Béatrice Demachy as La secrétaire de Rosen, Jacques Michel as L'associer de Kleiser, Patrick Colucci as Le patron du café, Paul Kawan as Le courtier d'échange à Antwerp, Abel Monem as An indian diamond buisnessman

Place Vendôme Movie Review

This French thriller gives us Catherine Deneuve at the top of her game, but unfortunately it gives her little to do. Newly widowed and permanently insane and alcoholic, she finds herself in the possession of seven enormous diamonds -- certainly stolen -- and has to muddle her way through an attempt to sell them. Soon enough she's in this together with her dead husband's much younger mistress (Emmanuelle Seigner), and while no one wants to pony up cash, everyone would be glad to take the diamonds off their hands.

Too bad then that with such a setup the morose, slow pace of Place Vendome drags the movie out of thriller and into staid drama. It feels padded, and the mystery of how the two girls will get out of their predicament never really gets rolling until the very end. We don't particularly care about either, though director Nicole Garcia's use mood lighting and spot-on music make this at least passable on a rainy day.


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Place Vendôme Rating

" OK "


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