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Rarely have I truly said "I wish I had my 90 minutes back" and meant it sincerely. But Pledge This! is a film with absolutely no saving graces, nothing worth redeeming it. It's a waste of time in every way, but I guess I should have known: This is, after all, a movie that doesn't just feature Paris Hilton; she's the headliner. The film is yet another Revenge of the Nerds ripoff, only with gawky sorority girls battling it out with Hilton, who rules over her own sorority and "admits" the awkward gals just to humiliate them later. The film borrows liberally from Strangers with Candy, too, featuring an older co-ed with a penchant for drugs and swarthy talk. There's plenty of gratuitous nudity, of course, and that's the film at its most intelligent. Ultimately, the film hits rock bottom when it turns into a promo piece for FHM magazine, which plans to feature Hilton and her sorority on its cover. Justice was done soon after Pledge This! was dumped on the market, however: FHM promptly went out of business.

Aka National Lampoon's Pledge This!

Cast & Crew

Director : William Heins

Producer : Jack Utsick, Juan-Carlos Zapata

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Pledge This! Rating

" Unbearable "

Rating: R, 2006


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