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Facts and Figures

Run time: 121 mins

In Theaters: Friday 28th October 1994

Box Office Worldwide: $196.6M

Budget: $55M

Distributed by: Artisan Home Entertainment

Production compaines: Carolco Pictures, Canal+, Centropolis Film Productions

Reviews 2.5 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 48%
Fresh: 19 Rotten: 21

IMDB: 7.0 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: , , Joel B. Michaels

Starring: Kurt Russell as Colonel Jonathan O'Neil, James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson, Alexis Cruz as Skaara, Viveca Lindfors as Catherine, Mili Avital as Sha`uri, Leon Rippy as General West, John Diehl as Lt. Kawalsky, Carlos Lauchu as Anubis, Jaye Davidson as Ra, Djimon Hounsou as Horus, Erick Avari as Kasuf, French Stewart as Lieutenant Ferretti, Derek Webster as Brown, Gianin Loffler as Nabeh, Christopher John Fields as Freeman

Stargate Movie Review

When did I miss the event that made Stargate worthy of an "Ultimate Edition" DVD, complete with director's cut? I guess that MacGyver-starring TV show thing is more popular than I thought.

Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with Stargate, the story is pretty straightforward. Military types unearth a big metal ring encoded with Egyptian hieroglyphics, then import a kooky archeologist (James Spader) to figure out what it does -- which, within 30 minutes, involves the opening up of a portal to another world, millions of light years away.

Based on the theory that aliens built the pyramids (and colonized the earth), Stargate outruns this hokey premise with a story that focuses on space-travelling pretty-boys (including The Crying Game's Jaye Davidson as Ra) who enslave a primitive human race (writing is forbidden!) and travel around via a network of stargates to enslave further races. The remainder of the film focuses on head military honcho Kurt Russell trying to nuke everything.

The thinness and bizarre randomness of the story (from big explosion-type scenes to ill-advised Spader-slave love moments to creepy Egyptianish kid-gods crawling around all over the place) is equalled by some unimpressive special effects -- the trip through the stargate is one of the least interesting "transport" effects in movie history. While Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin would get much bigger budgets for the entertaining Independence Day and the notoriously awful Godzilla, Stargate remains a mere curiosity among sci-fi flicks.

Strangely, the only two extras on the DVD are commentary from Emmerich and Devlin (somewhat interesting: for example, those aren't human extras, they're costumes on sticks!) and a short "documentary" about why the pyramids were really built by spacemen.

Grumpy alien!


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Hatshepsut's picture


I get the feeling that your reviewer, Christopher Null, has not actually watched 'Stargate' - the movie, or if he did, he wasn't paying it very much attention.The "big metal ring" was *not* unearthed by "military types," it was discovered by archaeologists, including Catherine Langford's father on a dig at the Giza Plateau in Egypt - in 1928, if memory serves me.The "military types" did *not* "import a kooky archeologist (James Spader) to figure out what it does." Archaeologist Doctor Daniel Jackson was recruited by an elderly Catherine Langford to decipher the hieroglyphs, which he did. U.S.A.F. Col. Jack O'Neil was brought in shortly afterwards *in case* Dr. Jackson succeeded, which he did.If the rest of the review is as inaccurate as the opening paragraph, then it's not worth the effort of reading it. Best wishes,Hatshepsut.--

8 years 3 weeks ago
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SGC's picture


"When did I miss the event that made Stargate worthy of an "Ultimate Edition" DVD. I guess that MacGyver-starring TV show thing is more popular than I thought."-writes Christopher Nullhead.Yeah, I guess it is. Considering that STARGATE SG-1, the series that this MOVIE generated is the winner of 8 EMMY Award nominations. And it sounds like you missed a lot of events, because the Stargate series is also the Winner of 5 SATURN Awards including BEST Syndicated Cable Television Series, receiving over 24 Saturn Award Nominations including Best Actor.Stargate was also Nominated for over 25 GEMINI Awards including Best Photography in a Dramatic Program and Best Achievement in Production Design, It won 2 HUGO Award Nominations, 2 VESA Visual Effects Society Awards for Excellence in Visual Effects (by the way, other winners of the VES award that Stargate won include Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas)In addition the Stargate franchise won the presigious Golden Reel Award from the MPSE for Best Sound Editing in Television.Not only that, Stargate has won 23 LEO Award Nominations including Best Cinematography in a Dramatic Series, it is the Winner of 11 LEO Awards including Best Lead Performance, Winner of the first ever prestigious WGC Showrunner Award, and Stargate SG-1 has been inducted into the GUINNESS BOOK of WORLD RECORDS for the longest running US Science Fiction television program in history spanning over 10 years and over 220 episodes.Stargate now has fans in over 120 countries world wide. So, yeah, I guess it's a little bit more popular than you thought

6 years 10 months ago
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Stargate Rating

" Weak "


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