The Hazing

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Facts and Figures

Run time: 90 mins

In Theaters: Friday 16th December 1977

Reviews 3 / 5

IMDB: 5.6 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: B. Thomas Seidman

Starring: as Professor Kapps, as Marsha Glazer, as Delia Rodgers, as Tim Fields, Phillip Andrew as Doug Leary, as Roy Moore, as Jacob Sterling, as Justine Pickett, Brooke Burke Charvet as Jill, Robert Donavan as Police Detective

The Hazing Review

Frat boys, sorority girls... tsk tsk. Has the legacy of Scooby-Doo not taught them anything about the perils of breaking into haunted mansions, stealing magical (and evil) books, murdering cult leaders, and getting naked?

Oh well. Their loss is our gain. The Hazing is a monumentally bad horror film, but it's so campy and absurdly gory you can't help but guiltily enjoy your 87-minute stay with it.

The plot, well, I've already given you the broad strokes: A frat and sorority combo initiates their new pledges -- three guys, two girls -- by dressing them up on Halloween, then sending them out to steal a bunch of items in a one-night scavenger hunt. One of the items is a Necronomicon-like book, and when they steal it, its demon-obsessed owner ends up dead. The college kids don't seem to fazed by this; they head to the haunted house where they're supposed to spend the night in order to pass their initiation rites. Little do they know that the heads of the frat and sorority houses have all sorts of spooky tricks in store for them.

This doesn't matter much, it turns out, because the demon guy killed one reel earlier turns into an evil ghost who can possess the teens on a whim. Soon they're slaughtering one another as they hack their way through the night.

Director Rolfe Kanefsky does good work with this video production, making especially good use of starlet Nectar Rose, who's dressed up as a Playboy bunny for the evening, at least when she isn't banging one of her co-pledges. Parry Shen (The New Guy) steals the show, however, as the least likely frat boy to land on celluloid.

Story: Stupid. Effects: Cheesy. Acting: Hit and miss.

Result: Priceless.


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The Hazing Rating

" OK "