The Pumpkin Karver

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Facts and Figures

In Theaters: Tuesday 31st October 2006

Distributed by: First Look Pictures

Reviews 2 / 5

IMDB: 3.2 / 10

Cast & Crew

Director: Robert Mann

Producer: Sheldon Silverstein

Starring: as Lynn Starks, Michael Zara as Jonathan Starks, as Tammy Boyles, Terrence Evans as Ben Wickets, David Austin as Lance, Brian Kary as MIB #1, Bryan Jamerson as MIB #2, David J. Wright as Alec / Pumpkin Face, Jonathan Conrad as A.J., Jared Show as Grazer, Mistie Adams as Yolanda, Charity Shea as Rachel, Briana Gerber as Viki, Alex Weed as Spinner, David Phillips as Bonedaddy, Amy Cowieson as Go-Go Dancer, Amber Kendrella as Marilyn Monroe, Thomas Hurn as Joe, Lindsey Carpenter as Amber, Rachelle Clune as Connie, The Dust Poets as Divine Chaos, Micah Plissner as Divine Chaos Member, Steve Grindle as Divine Chaos Member, Rob Murieta as Divine Chaos Member, Kenny Gould as Detective Farrows, Jack Spear as Officer in Car, as Officer Sirrah, Tony Little as Officer Briggs, LuLu Ashbrook as Trick or Treater, Travis Ashbrook as Trick or Treater, Jordan Boucher as Trick or Treater, Autumn Burgis as Trick or Treater, Mikey Lanza as Trick or Treater, Grant Stark as Trick or Treater, as Trick or Treater, Jacob Burgis as Trick or Treater, Matthew Burgis as Trick or Treater, Nick Heberle as Trick or Treater, Ashley Lanza as Trick or Treater, Lindsey Reeves as Trick or Treater, Taylor Stephens as Trick or Treater, David Stark as Trick or Treater, Robert Mann as DJ Jon on Radio (voice), Kailea Brown as Girl in Truck, Lisa Munz as Party Dancer, Kristina Munz as Party Dancer #2

The Pumpkin Karver Movie Review

Cheapie slasher movies are an awfully predictable genre, especially ones with intentional typos in their titles. Robert Mann's The Pumpkin Karver is fortunately far from awful, but its very setup recalls some of the least frightening horror franchises ever made. Sure enough, this Karver has a couple of fleeting moments of mild terror, but mostly it's painting by the numbers.

The setup gives us a young boy on Halloween who, mistaking his sister's knife-wielding prankster boyfriend for a real murderer, viciously stabs him to death to "protect" her. Whoops, turns out it was a fake knife. Cut to years later and young Jonathan (Michael Zara) is all grown up, but the memory of, you know, stabbing a dude in the face can't be positive. Halloween has returned, and Jonathan joins a gaggle of co-eds and frat boy types in a weird kind of party on some sort of pumpkin farm. Pretty soon he's having visions, seeing the creepy chopped-up-head boyfriend and some old guy who keeps telling him, in the most outrageous yokel/pirate drawl imaginable, "Yer a carrrrrrrrverrrrrrrrrr!"

As the body count rises we're left to wonder which of these three is doing the carrrrrving: Jonathan, dead boyfriend, or creepy old guy. Go ahead and make your pick now. I'll wait. The gore is decent (especially one poor girl who basically gets her face ripped off), and the acting is largely poor. In the end, the killer is revealed but the inevitable last-second twist takes the film into the realm of total nonsense. I guess it's par for the course. Er, kourse.


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erlenstar's picture


Entertaining halloween movie that was no better or worse then the usual Jeepers Creepers type movies you see out around Halloween. Acting could have been better and twist at end could have been done much more realistically (sci fi stuff could have been left out) but all in all it was great entertainment.

8 years 2 months ago
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The Pumpkin Karver Rating

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