You I Love

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Facts and Figures

Run time: 83 mins

In Theaters: Wednesday 23rd February 2005

Distributed by: Picture This! Entertainment

Production compaines: Picture This! Entertainment

Reviews 3.5 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 33%
Fresh: 10 Rotten: 20

IMDB: 6.5 / 10

Cast & Crew

Director: Dmitry Troitsky,

Producer: Dmitry Troitsky

Starring: as Uloomji, as Vera Kirillova, as Timofei Pechorin, Nina Agapova as Elderly Neighbor, Aleksandr Dulerayn as Deputat, Irina Grineva as Make-Up Girl, Anatoly Mankhadykov as Uloomji's Father, Valentina Mankhadykova as Uloomji's Mother, Yuriy Sherstnyov as Watchman at the Zoo, Victor Shevidov as Uncle Vanya, Emanuel Michael Vaganda as John

You I Love Movie Review

The busy streets of modern-day Moscow are the playground for You I Love, a lively dramedy about the sexual ins and outs and class strivings of young professionals. Think of it as Almodóvar Lite in a big fur hat.

Timofei (Evgeny Koryakovsky) is a yuppie to be reckoned with, an adman whose latest slogan, "Freedom is Cola," has made him a star at his agency. He enjoys all the trappings of success, including a lovely apartment and an even lovelier girlfriend, Vera (Lyubov Tolkalina), a TV anchorwoman.

Conflict arrives in the form of Ullomji (Damir Badmaev), a simple bumpkin from the sticks who has arrived in Moscow in search of work, perhaps as an acrobat. While practicing one of his tricks, he is hit by Timofei's car. Not knowing what else to do, Timofei takes the injured and unconscious Ullomji to his apartment to recuperate.

By the time Ullomji awakens, he's already cast a spell over Timofei with his exotic Siberian features. Ullomji may not realize that he's beautiful, but he does realize that he's gay, and before his bruises are healed he and Timofei, who hasn't realized he's gay, at least not up to this moment, are crashing around the apartment in a wild sex romp, breaking furniture and antiques as they go.

But what about Vera? Obsessed by her appearance (as all TV personalities must be), she's been wondering if she's still attractive to Timofei, so she shows up at his apartment in nothing but an overcoat and some lingerie only to find him in bed with his new Siberian lover. Perplexed, confused, humiliated, Vera doesn't think to leave. Instead she sticks around, and one of those cinematic threesomes that never seem to exist in real life is formed.

The film bounces along fairly jovially, even as Ullomji's horrified hick parents show up in the city to drag him back to the farm. Vera struggles at work, eventually subjecting herself to a form of electrical stimulation exercise that has her strapped down in a clinic looking like something out of a particularly evil S&M porn film. Meanwhile, Timofei struggles with his sexuality while enjoying the fact that not one but two people simply can't get enough of his overall greatness. Viewers may not see in him what his two lovers see, but his ardor for both keeps them around and propels the threesome into a wistful act three where something is gonna have to give.

You I Love shows us a Russia we don't often get to see, a society of strivers on the make with capitalist-style success and consumerism on their minds. That aspect of the film is at least as interesting as the three-way love affair and makes it all the more entertaining.

Aka Ya Lyublu Tebya.

Love you I.


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You I Love Rating

" Good "