You Stupid Man Movie Review

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You Stupid Man. Well that's a title that is going to make people rush to Blockbuster. What sounds like a sex comedy (a sultry Denise Richards on the cover doesn't help) turns out to be a semisweet, if goofy, romantic comedy, albeit a nerdy David Krumholtz and a blank-slate Milla Jovovich don't exactly make for cinema's most energetic couple.

Krumholtz starts the film with Richards, an up-and-coming actress who's soon in New York as a headliner on a new sitcom. Soon she's having an affair, gets busted, and sends poor Davie home alone.

Fate transpires to get Krumholtz and Jovovich together. At first -- of course -- they hate each other. (The film's brightest spot is the overused but still effective subtitling of their date conversation: Cordial on the surface but secretly full of vitriol.) Eventually romance blooms, Richards come crawling back (as if!), and Krumholtz has to decide who he's going to run with: The cheating vixen or his newfound true love.

No, there's not much mystery to what will transpire here, and the film lacks the screwball antics that have made recent fare like Wedding Crashers all the more memorable. The film's most earnest stab at comedy includes Richards making the "L for loser" hand sign on her forehead, while the sitcom audience laughs at her soon-to-be ex.

Ow. My side.

Cast & Crew

Director : Brian Burns

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You Stupid Man Rating

" Grim "

Rating: NR, 2002


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