Bundchen Furious With Foxx's Win Over DiCaprio

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Gisele Bundchen is furious her beau LEONARDO DiCAPRIO didn't scoop the Best Actor trophy at the ACADEMY AWARDS - because she believes his did a "better job" than winner Jamie Foxx.

The Brazilian beauty attended the Hollywood ceremony for the first time on Sunday (27FEB05), and she admits she was far from thrilled to see Foxx pick up the coveted trophy for his efforts in Ray, beating out a list of actors including her boyfriend DiCaprio, star of The Aviator.

She says, "I was really there to support (DiCaprio). He's not just my boyfriend but he's an amazing actor. He's really talented and I was so proud of him. I figured I should go and support my man so I went there just for that reason.

"I don't think he was expecting to win. I think I was more upset because I thought he deserved it more than (Foxx). I was like, 'He did a better job than (Foxx)!'"

01/03/2005 21:16

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Sandra Walker

I totally disagree with Bundchen. O.K., I put it straight as I possibly can, how in world could Bundchen be so furious on FOXXS win over DiCaprio. I think FOXXS is a wonderful Actor, and I'm one of Leo's fans who's stated a comment on this, but FOXXS did a terrific performance in the Academy Winning movie[Ray], so he deserves to win a trophy or more (Awards), I know it, DiCaprio knows it, Shoot; Everyone knows it. Is it that, Bundchen wanted to be seen on stage, first and for most, she never Loved DiCaprio anyway, Bundched only went in a rage for publicity, do to her Supermodel Career and just wanted to be heard..Bundchen knows FOXXS earned that Academy Award(s), he'd work really hard to be the best that he can be. I'm furious just to think how someone like her can put another great Actor down behind her selfish & thoughtless attitude. Now Bundchen, get a scoop out of that.......
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