Jay-Z Admits Commitment Phobia

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Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is terrified of getting close to people after his father unexpectedly walked out on the family over 20 years ago.

Dad ADNES REEVES left the rapper - real name SHAWN CARTER - as a child to hunt down the killer of his brother (Jay-Z's uncle) who died of stab wounds during a fight.

Father and son since reconciled shortly before Reeves' death in 2003, but the boyfriend of Beyonce Knowles admits his severe commitment phobia has made it difficult for him to find love.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I became more guarded. I never wanted to be attached to something and get that taken away again.

"And it affects my relationships with women. 'Cause even when I was with women I wasn't really with them."

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leave jay alone take your time baby if bee loves you she will wait for you i have been married for 16yrs and i'm 35 yrs.old we been together since 1985 i love my boo to death but we both know now that we could have waited had we not did what the public was waiting for so i say take your time real love can stand the test of time but please be married before you start having children okay i love ya tell bee i said i ove her too many have claimed to be but i am the number one fan. peace
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