Keith Urban Goes Silent

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Country star Keith Urban was forced to cancel his Thursday night show (06OCT05) in Indiana after doctors detected a haemorrhage in one of his vocal cords.

The Aussie singer, who has been romantically linked to Nicole Kidman, has been prescribed vocal rest.

DR STEPHEN MITCHELL, who is treating Urban at an Evansville, Indiana hospital, says, "He has a bruise on his right vocal fold. I've prescribed voice rest, which means no talking and no singing."

In a statement posted on his website, Urban tells fans, "I feel fine. That is what is so frustrating about this situation."

It is not known whether Urban will be well enough to start his European tour next week (beg10OCT05), as planned.

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well i really hope that keith gets better i LOVE him and if he cant sing thats like me not breathing so doctors get him better and KEITH listen to the doctors so you can get better cause if you cant sing it will be like a tedgety i mean your my role moldel your the reson im like i am ok you rock and i cant go on with my life without your music and your sexy face on telivision ok i mean i can look all around my room and see you and look at my desktop pics but its not the same ok so plz keith listen to the doctors and doctors six him and make him listen ok ty very much LOVE ya keith more than you know kk take good care and get restyou 31 fan stacie(17 yaers old) and ill love you till i die
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