Kidman Attacks Snapper On The Red Carpet

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Nicole Kidman blasted a rude photographer at the New York premiere of her new film Bewitched on Monday night (13JUN05) after he booed her for not stopping to pose for him.

The actress, who was still mourning the death of her make-up artist Rob McCANN, initially asked her publicist to deal with the snapper, but then decided to confront him herself.

Losing her famous cool for a moment, Kidman blasted, "You're very rude," before returning to the red carpet, visibly upset.

Her publicist was overheard asking, "Are you OK?" - to which the Aussie actress replied, "No, I'm not," before hurrying into the cinema.

A publicist for the actress insists Kidman was just reacting after having had a particularly bad day.

15/06/2005 02:52

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Let's put this in perspective. I snapper booed a star because she didn't want to interrupt whatever was going on in her mind, or in her life at that moment, to accommodate his making a buck for the day? Seriously, a "boo" by anyone to a public figure like Nicole Kidman is a slap in the face. Would Nicole, a multimillionaire and one of the most beautiful people in the World, be hurt if President Bush booed her? He would never do it, but, what if? She would be hurt. So now another man, of more humble ranking as things go, decides he can insult and hurt this woman, publicly, because he wrongly mixes his estimation of the importance of his duty, versus his estimation of the importance of his machismo image of himself. Again, she would be hurt.And she reacted by pointing out that he is "rude". What a great, sweet lady!When that specimen booed Nicole Kidman he also booed me, personally, because I have for many years bound to my heart the talent, beauty, and tremendous satisfaction that her art as an actress has given me.However, I don't think "rude" is the proper word for the Snapper. No words, please. Just a quick punch in the mouth, collect two molars. Where do these creeps come from?
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