Lee Ryan Romp Caught On Video

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Pop hunk Lee Ryan has been videoed having sex with a stunning groupie on a pool table in a recording studio

The BLUE singer was caught out when cleaners found a used condom on the floor and decided to watch surveillance footage to find out how it got there.

A source says, "When the cleaners came in the next morning, the place was a bit of a trap and it was obvious there had been a party.

"Then they found a used condom on the floor next to the pool table. They were really curious so they went to look at the CCTV camera recording of the night before and found images of Lee having sex with a girl over the pool table.

"They were a bit shocked to say the least. Lee obviously didn't realise he was being filmed.

"Word soon got around and quite a few people have seen the tape and had a bit of a laugh about it. It was the talk of the studios the next day."

The manager of the studio in Acton, West London refuses to comment on the incident.

27/07/2003 14:49

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PoolTable Chick

Hmmmm, I like the fact I have been called a stunning groupie!!! For the record, I was never a groupie and Lee and myself are still friends...it was a wild and fun night and I'm sure everyone read about it in my "not such a wise idea" expose in News of the World back on New Years Eve 2003. I was with pal Emma Jones and we decided to go onto a party at the recording studios after leaving China White nightclub....Needless to say I had no idea either! I was a struggling artist and needed to make ends meet at the time so when all the hype came up about it and someone leaked out it was me....well I gave in to the dark side. I wish Lee and the best with his future wife and child and we do stay in contact still. S x
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