MacY's Painful Dancing Memories

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THE COOLER star William H Macy is cautious about stepping out onto dancefloors, after a woman knocked him to the ground during a night out when he was at college.

The actor can still vividly recall the unfortunate incident, which occurred while he was studying at Vermont's Goddard College.

He says, "Have you ever been socked right in the mouth? I have. Back at Goddard - we were toasted, I'd admit it - they'd turned all the lights down, we were dancing like banshees and somebody (hit me) bam, right in the mouth.

"Down I go and I keep yelling, 'I'm hurt! I'm hurt!' And everyone's dancing and I'm getting stomped on and I was going, 'I'm hurt, wait, stop!' It was a young lady who did it. It wasn't her fist, it was her elbow."

And dancing remains an uncomfortable experience for the actor years later - because his wife Felicity Huffman constantly laughs at him.

He adds, "When I dance with my wife she always laughs and I say, 'I dance funny, don't I?' And then she says, 'I love the way you dance.' But she always laughs. I'm exuberant when I dance and I also have a tendency to get hurt when I dance."

05/12/2004 10:26


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