Norris Builds Cottages For His Children

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Hollywood action hero Chuck Norris is giving his and wife GENA's seven children a big treat - by building a cottage for each one of them.

The 64-year-old star recently put his home in Tarzana,California, up for sale so that he can live full-time in Texas, where he has a Dallas home and a Houston-area ranch he plans to expand.

And he wants his three children, Gena's two offspring, and the couple's twins to each have a place of their own to stay.

He says, "I'm adding five more cottages so we'll have a total of seven for our seven kids.

22/11/2004 09:26


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Don't people have enough money? Cottages for 7 kids, they can't make it on their own? nothing like keeping them in your own back yard.
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