Pitt And Jolie Marry For Magazine Spread

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are playing house as husband and wife once again - this time for a 60 page magazine spread.

The screen stars, who sparked speculation of a romance after playing married assassins in the movie MR + MRS SMITH, have posed for a range of shots showing both wedded bliss as parents and the darker side of marriage for the July (05) issue of W magazine.

And the publication's creative director, DENNIS FREEDMAN, says bosses loved the photographs so much, they decided to publish an unprecedented 60-page spread, which includes just two pages of text.

Freedman also points out that the spread was Pitt's own idea, explaining, "He approached us back in March with an idea and the idea was really to explore both sides - the dark and the light of an idealised American family.

"I think you take whatever you want from the photos. I think that there is a story and Brad was committed to that story. I think the fact that he did it in spite of the media speculation points out his courage in doing it."

The photographs are set in 1963 - the year Pitt was born and the year US President John F Kennedy was assassination.

07/06/2005 21:42

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I loved the Angelina n Brad issue - it questions the entire American dream ideaology - a great unspoken interplay...its a shame so many good ole folks dont get it and choose to live sublingual...as for teamsowhat - Jen is probably a nice girl who knows where to shop...Angelina happens to be the most beautiful woman in the world who wants to do something forthright in her life...Jen can't make either claim...need we say more...it is nice to know brad has awaken face down in the American Dream and wants something more...I hope he finds it in Angelinas children - to nurture a child is about the only chance some of us ever get...its just as the images depict...sad to say most folks are missing the point...
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