Quincy Jones' Daughter Slams Tom Cruise

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Quincy Jones' actress daughter Rashida Jones is the latest star to slam Tom Cruise for attacking Brooke Shields' use of medication to ease postpartum depression.

In May (05), Cruise - who claims to have helped people fight drug addictions through his controversial Scientology religion - sparked a war of words when he criticised Shields for using anti-depressant Paxil, following the birth of her daughter ROWAN.

And former BOSTON PUBLIC star Jones, ex-girlfriend of Tobey Maguire, joins the likes of TON ARNOLD, Carnie Wilson, ROSIE O'DONNELL and Marie Osmond in support of Shields.

Jones, who once battled depression, says, "(Cruise's comments) upset me a lot. I'm a true believer in you do what you need to do for yourself to become a better person. To so arrogantly criticise the use of SSRIs in public is really unfortunate.

"A lot of people use drugs to get better. It's not about getting addicted to them or being on them forever. I would hate for anybody with that much power and talent to discourage somebody to help themselves.

"I'm not on medication now. I was, and it helped me through a difficult time. I would never take that back."

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There are reports, there are facts, there are OPINIONS, there are people who, blah blah blah. There are also people in a position to take responsibility for who they are and for knowing what to do to HELP THEMSELVES. A trait lost on a lot of Americans. Just because "there are some" doesn't mean there aren't those who have taken the right steps to better themselves or maybe prevented what could have had worse consequences without the help of "drugs". No one and I mean NO ONE has the right to judge ANYONE else on there own "responsible" methods of betterment. The wife of the guy going on 3 day heroin binges is an idiot! Don't blame him for not seeing it as a problem. Comparing that case to post partum depression (Brooke Shields) is absurd. If you have read Brook's book, and when you have gone through something similar, then you can understand how the responsible use of a drug CAN be helpful. Have you ever had thoughts so bad that you cry with disgust over yourself for thinking that way? The fact that you have no control over these thoughts, that seem to pop up any time they want to, is so VERY frustrating. The fact that a person has options for helping them get through this is wonderful. Praise God for giving people the skill and intelligence to come up with such things and for blessing the responsible people for knowing how to use their resources. My point is this, who does anyone think they are to judge another. I am not naive; I know how devastating irresponsible drug use can be. What and who I am is a smart, independent, beautiful, and responsible mother of a one year old daughter that I am ridiculously in love with. But during this past year, I did go through some fairly serious depression. As dire as my situation was to me, I had it easy compared to Brook's accounts. Not to discount the fact that what ever was going on inside of me was also affecting my loved ones. Factor that in while you deal with out of control scary thoughts about the child you are so undeniably in love with. It would be no wonder a person would seek help in some form or another. If a cup of coffee "helps" someone wake up or get through a meeting, then maybe we should put caffeine on the illicit drug list, too. Because, God forbid, someone seek help with getting through this life instead of blaming their government or childhood or whatever for their problems.
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