Romijn-Stamos' Disappointing Meeting With De Niro

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X-Men beauty Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was disappointed with Robert De Niro when she first met him, because he didn't live up to her immortal expectations.

The statuesque actress worked alongside the screen veteran in new movie Godsend and admits she was expecting him to be a fountain of wisdom.

She says, "When you're around a guy like that, a legend like that, of course you're waiting for any little crumbs of wisdom to be thrown your way. And he is a man of few words.

"Every once in awhile he'd say something like, 'You know, Marty (SCORSESE) and I used to...' And immediately, when you hear him start a sentence with 'Marty and I used to,' you perk up. 'Marty and I used to... what?'

"And it would be something super-dumb and mundane like 'Marty and I used to take naps after lunch.' And you're like, 'Oh. And that worked for you? We should do that! We should totally do that!'

"Certain things happened that made him more human to me. One day, there was four minutes of light left and it's hit shot and he fell into the conniption-fit laughter thing. And there's nothing funnier than Robert De Niro breaking down in conniption-fit laughter, which makes the rest of us break down into conniption-fit laughter and the shot's gone.

20/04/2004 21:08


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