Russo Upset Over Deer Attacks

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Actress and avid gardener Rene Russo is fighting a losing battle with the deer that are ruining her roses because she can't find a way to stop them from eating the buds.

The THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR star is particularly proud of her blooms but as soon as they appear, they're devoured by the deer who live in the woodland behind her California home.

She says, "I don't like them eating some of my stuff. There were times I wanted to have venison for dinner.

"When it takes you two seasons to get something and then you go out there and all the buds are gone, it's really frustrating.

"I've tried cat urine, I put a transistor radio out - because I figured they'd know people were out - and then I got complaints from my neighbours... Now I put up a fence, they just go straight over it."


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