Wilson: 'Madonna Owes Her Success To Stripping'

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Former BEACH BOY BRIAN WILSON believes Madonna wouldn't have achieved anywhere near the level of success she has if she never took her clothes off.

GOOD VIBRATIONS star Wilson finds it difficult to comprehend the Material Girl being a superstar if she had kept her modesty intact.

He says, "Madonna. I'm not sure why (she's been so successful).

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she was always naked."

12/07/2005 09:15

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I find Wilson's comments both funny and obvious. Yes, I am sure that even Madonna would admit that she used sex as a PR device. ( an understatment to be sure!) I think she would defend herself simply by stating that it helps sell her work, which it does...and it gets her attention (media and otherwise), which it it does. I am a huge Madonna fan and have been listening to Hung Up every day since I bought the album . Love it! I love her music although I certainly wouldn't call it 'art' as she likes to constantly describe it. (How many times has she stated 'I am an artist',etc,etc) Ok, that's horse s**t. She's a pop song manufacturer. But she DOES make some catchy fun pop music and she is good at doing that.She's a bit more intriguing than Aguilera or Shakira,etc because she is kind of strange and beautiful --and I mean that as a compliment--I mean, there is something elusive and odd about her which the other 'pop'stars are lacking which has accounted for her sustained success all these years. She's my favorite artist,err,I mean...'pop manufacturer'! Go Madonna! My favorite 'artist' is Carvaggio. ;) PS)I hope she keeps making pop albums indefinately but please stop making bad movies, Madonna! (has anyone seen Body Of Evidence, for example? Horrible!)
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