50 Cent And Williams To Collaborate?

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Rapper 50 Cent is planning to team up with British singer Robbie Williams on a new record.
The In Da Club star was hoping to hook up with Angels hitmaker Williams to record a track for his 2007 album Curtis.
Williams' stint in rehab hindered their plans - but 50 Cent hopes they will be able to sort out some recording time together in the near future.
He tells Reuters, "We actually attempted to do it during the Curtis album and I reached out to him and we talked about recording in Los Angeles and then the next time I spoke to him he was on his way to rehab so that didn't happen then.
“Hopefully on one of my projects in the future we will have a chance to work with each other.”

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Without question I believe that 50 will have a successful film company. He appears to be a person whom once has committed themselves to follow through with a task approaches it with great tenacity and strategic resolve. As I have stated in the following: I have seen 50’s reality show and blur bits of Diddy on the Rachel Ray show stating that there should be a “Black Bond!” I agree with Diddy. There should be a “Black Bond!” I do not however, feel it is Diddy. I Think without question that 50 is the “Black James Bond of the millennium!” 50 has incredible presences that radiates sophistication and integrity. I am not saying that Diddy does not have integrity but his presences of sophistication appears to be forced. Where 50’s just is. 50 has an edge of toughness which transcends his infamous history. 50 balances acute detail when managing human faux-pa's utilizing razor edge accuracy and well thought out precision with the decisions he has made on his reality show. Those in the public eye need to truly realize they are in the public eye and what we see is not always what they may truly think is being perceived by the public because they are around throngs of “ego pleasers” at the cost of a true representation or mirror (if you will) being held to their faces showing them what the public who are not invested in them see. That being said, I wish I knew who to contact to share my “two cents” about 50 Cent. He truly embodies the presences of a “Black James Bond” of the millennium!
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