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A stranger who purchased the domain for Amy Winehouse's posthumous foundation has lashed out at the singer's family for 'pressuring' him to sell the website name. Martin MCCann, from West London, bought '' while also registering the 'Amy Winehouse Foundation' name on 2nd August 2011.
When confronted at his home by The Sun newspaper, Mr MCCann condemned Amy's father Mitch for putting "pressure" on him to hand over the name, demanding an apology before he considers coming to any "arrangement". The man has been accused of exploiting the death of the singer by registering a name that would have almost certainly been used by the star's family - others have praised MCCann's quick thinking. He claims Winehouse's family should "detach" themselves from emotion and "think business", adding, "I'm not exploiting anything yet. I've just bought some domain names. Anybody could have. It only takes the click of a mouse". After paying around $300 for the domain name, MCCann was labelled a "d*ckhead" by Amy's father, something the Londoner disputes, saying, "I'm not the d*ckhead.The d*ckhead is sitting over there without the name in his possession".
MCCann registered the names just a week after the singer was found dead in her Camden home. A recent toxicology report confirmed she had no illegal drugs in her system at the time of death.


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If mal. mc. was so sincere why didn't he set up a charity for substance misuseMaybe he thought his idea was so original instead of Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson or.. or.. he would use Amys name as his museBut in his tracks he has been sniffed backShe may have died alone but so far reports conclude she did not die from crack.. We all read and saw Amys distressful timesSome made her their hero encouraging habitual crimesHow many wrote to say hi Amy you're in a bad wayAnd as soon as she passed was it when m. started to plan his pay day....At peace now lying in her grave Muddy m. starts spinning money grave-y raveDisrespecting her family in their birth of deathTo initiate a biz with her name they own that is theft..Head full of loot says the family is emotional and to be blamedBecause he has bought the money rights to claimYou are a heartless foundation and to be shamedFor bleeding hearts that are bruised and still inflamed....When you get the families cash because that is your aimYou can mouse click plenty other domainsThen register" it's another Amy Winehouse I'm not a dick head"So you will remember for the future not to use the Queens head.... In the mean while you are wasting awayPrecious time for genuine people that need help today.... After all you are only a detached hinge Amys family are the doorNext time before you start out your biz research mooooooore....
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