Attorney General Confirms New Anna Nicole Investigation

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California's Attorney General JERRY BROWN has confirmed he launched a massive investigation into the death of Anna Nicole Smith with a dawn raid on her state-based physicians' homes. WENN has already reported that the late model/actress' psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, was among those served with a search warrant at her home on Friday (12Oct07), and now Brown has revealed the early morning raid was just the start of a thorough new investigation. At a press conference on Friday, the Attorney General said, "The investigation started when I reviewed the fact that all these different dangerous drugs and controlled substances were part of the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and I learned that these were California doctors and California prescriptions." Smith died of a fatal overdose in a Florida hotel room back in February (07), and although the death was ruled accidental, Brown isn't convinced there's no one to blame. He explains, "To get a search warrant you need probable cause that a crime has been committed... If a judge issues a search warrant to go into somebody's home there's some serious evidence. "I'm not going to speculate on what the charges would be, but we do know... that there's someone's who's dead and their body, upon investigation, is full of controlled substances and combinations of drugs that turned out to be illegal. "We're looking into a number of possible violations." Brown refused to go into detail about the investigation but reports suggest six California locations were raided on Friday morning, including the offices and homes of two doctors. Detectives found 600 pills in Smith's hotel suite on the day she died - 450 were muscle relaxants and 11 were prescription drugs. Dr Eroshevich was travelling with the actress/model in the days before she died.


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