Beyonce To Play Eartha?

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Beyonce is in talks to play the late great Eartha Kitt in a new film.
After portraying Etta James in Cadillac Records and emulating Diana Ross in Dreamgirls, the singer/actress is hoping to complete a trilogy of diva roles by taking on original Catwoman Kitt on the big screen.
She says, "I was going to do a film about Eartha Kitt. It's a great story, but I don't know if it's still happening.
"If it does, it'll just fall into place."
Kitt died on Christmas Day (25Dec08) after losing her battle with colon cancer, aged 81.

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Joan Fullmore

No disrespect to Beyonce - she is a great entertainer on so many levels.However, in my opinion, ANIKA NONI ROSE, was born to embody the Divine Eartha Kitt on stage or screen.ANIKA NONI ROSE is perfect for the part by way of talent, strong mentality and physically perfect (or she will get there if need be). She has paid her dues and now is her time to be the lead role.FYI - I am not her agent nor never met Anika! Just observed her work and diversity and trust me - she is the one to portray Eartha as close as possible because no one but Eartha Kitt can be the mystic that she was and is still.
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