Bill Murray - Bill Murray Remains Coy On Oscar Chances

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Bill Murray has talked openly about his chances of winning an Oscar for his new film, Hyde Park on the Hudson, and warned against the danger of getting over excited, reports The Associated Press.

Speaking in an interview, Murray was in a reflective mood when discussing the possibility of picking up an Oscar for his role as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. "You can't get all ramped up and amped up about this thing all the time," Murray said. "I mean, I got excited about it once, and it was odd. I won all the prizes, I won literally all the prizes all the way up to the last one. And I really thought, well, 'I've just to go get this thing, I'll be right back.' And then I didn't win, and I thought, 'Well, that's odd. How odd is that? I'm feeling so odd now.' And I came all dressed up and didn't win. So I'm not going to get all crazy about that."

It seems as though the experience has given Murray the chance to be a little philosophical about the upcoming awards season, and it’s not the only time he’s had to adapt. Having moulded a career in comedy, Murray’s first foray into a ‘serious’ role was The Razor's Edge, which didn’t go down well. “After ‘The Razor's Edge,’ ''I remember a certain famous movie reviewer saying, 'Bill Murray should not be allowed to do anything but comedy,' which I reminded him of at the Cannes Film Festival when I was nominated for an Oscar," Murray regaled. "Sometimes when you've got a biopic and they go, 'Jerry Lewis will play Albert Einstein' or something, the first thing is, 'No, don't buy it. Not for a second.'" But Murray is sure he’ll convince people with his performance of Roosevelt, like he had to when portraying Hunter S. Thompson: "I had the feeling of, like, 'I've got to revere the best of this person, The same with Roosevelt. I had to revere the best of him.”


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