Bill Murray - Bill Murray Uncomfortable In Spotlight Following Film Release

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Bill Murray hides away every time he makes a big movie, insisting the public eyes him with a "strange hunger".
The actor has appeared in a host of major Hollywood films, including Ghostbusters and Lost in Translation, but he still finds it uncomfortable when he's recognised in the street.
He tells Britain's The Times, "After a big film people in the street look at you with a strange hunger; mad, raw and terrifying. Not so much here (the U.K.), but in America it's like being in a steam room all the time. You have to hide away."
Murray is adamant the problem is so intrusive he craves the chance to appear in smaller budget movies instead.
He adds, "I like small movies like Moonrise (Kingdom). With big movies you have to be the 300lbs gorilla in the room. People expect that of you, and if someone's going wrong, you have to crack that egg for the director you're working for. You have to throw a fit because that's the expectation."

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Bill I'm sorry to tell you this, but other people aren't the problem. Nobody is out to get you. The problem is how you look at other people. If you saw me in public and I wanted to say hi to you, how would you judge me? Would you be open to meeting a new person who you know nothing about, or would you allow your own premisconceptions to interfere with meeting someone who appreciates your work, and it's impact on that person's own life. You have been given a gift. Luke 12:48 says that much is expected from those to whom much has been given. Be grateful for the life you have. Use it to not only bless yourself and others, but to bring glory to God. Otherwise, what will be left over when you are gone someday? Be grateful fot the life you have and invest these moments. People aren't the enemy. Satan is, and he is the author of hate. Don't let your heart be filled with it.
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