Bill Pullman - Bill Pullman Stars In Mango Mania Documentary

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Independence Day star Bill Pullman has become a mango expert thanks to a new fruit documentary he is part of.
The actor has been a fan of rare fruits for years and grows them in the orchard at his home in Los Angeles, and when he was approached to appear in documentarian Jung Chang's film The Fruit Hunters he jumped at the chance to expand his knowledge about mangoes.
Pullman tells, "I've been growing rare fruits for a while quietly in my spare time and it got into a profile two years ago and this Montreal documentary filmmaker read about it. We met about a year and a half ago and he's been building it and now we're starting to shoot.
"I just got back from Florida, the centre of tropical fruits, where they had the mango festival, so I'm gonna be on camera for parts of it. I was kind of the audience's eye into the world of the wildness of mangoes.
"There were 350 different varieties and I tasted over 25 different mangoes. There are mangoes like a Creamsicle or a Pina Colada. It's the fierceness of people searching for exotic flavors and they're all gathered there in Florida. For somebody who dabbles in horticulture, like I do, it was a thrill and a half.
"The next phase is we're gonna shoot in L.A. for a bit because there are a bunch of growers and eventually we'll end up at the Seychelles Islands."
And now he can't travel anywhere without checking out the local mangoes.
Pullman adds, "In England I had gone into this nice Pakistani grocer that had incredible mangoes that we don't get here (in America). I bought some in the morning and had to carry them into my interview sessions (for Torchwood). I felt a little greedy carrying boxes and not offering them, so they (journalists) got offered mangoes.
"At the end of the day I still had some so I brought them into the restaurant and the bartender made mango martinis, mango mimosas, mango margarita and then mango parfait."


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