Boreanaz In 'Sincere Pain'

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Shamed actor David Boreanaz has reached out to his fans to express his "sincere pain" and thanks for their support, following his infidelity confession.
Earlier this week (03May10), the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star admitted to cheating on his wife of nine years, Jaime Bergman, after an anonymous mistress threatened to sell her story to the media.
His ex-lover has since hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her and negotiate a deal to sell her tale to the tabloids.
And Boreanaz, who is undergoing counselling with his wife to repair their marriage, is heartbroken and struggling to cope with the scandal, according to Hart Hanson, the creator/writer of the star's hit show Bones.
In a post on his page, Hanson writes, "David Boreanaz has asked me to express to fans his sincere pain, thanks for support, and determination that his family will 'get thru (through) this.'"

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it makes me laugh, he is in sincere pain! get a life david u are sick, cheating on ur wife u were a coward for not admitting it in the first place and no one should be supporting him he is obviously a dirty dog. He had no pain when he was getting laid by someone else, people like him disgust me.
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