Christie Brinkley - Brinkley Convinced She Saw A Ufo In Crete

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Ageless stunner Christie Brinkley is convinced she once saw a Ufo when she was living in Crete.
The model and actress insists she has been a believer there's life on other planets ever since.
Brinkley, the former wife of rocker Billy Joel, recalls seeing four bright lights in the sky as she was shopping one day.
She says, "This is (in) broad daylight and the lights are very, very bright... All of a sudden all four of the lights shot over the mountain to the other side of Crete (where I lived)."
Returning to her harbour village, she learned the lights had disappeared beneath the sea.
She adds, "There were no reports of any planes or anything like that and it just went under the water and never re-appeared."

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Taken By The Greys

Perhaps if EVERYONE that has seen a UFO step forth and shared..the world would be in shock. We have hundreds of millions of sightings in the last 50 years..thousands and thousands of abductions...yet it all is labeled as "not real". Is it not time that ignorance was abolished and lies were not told?I have seen many crafts in my life..close..Some so close I could throw a stone and hit. Elongated diamond crafts. spheres..discs..and many more.I have been abducted..I know for a fact that this is all very real and am attempting to get HD video of what I encounter..When I do..the world will be shocked.Google "Taken By The Greys" to read and learn about my close encounters and abductions.Peace.
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