Brown Dropped From Film's Marketing Campaign?

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Embattled rapper Chris Brown is reportedly set to be dropped from the marketing campaign of his new movie - following his alleged fight with ex girlfriend Rihanna.
The Kiss Kiss hitmaker was charged with making criminal threats following an alleged attack on the Umbrella hitmaker in the early hours of 8 February (09).
Brown's career is already suffering following the incident - the star has been dropped from ad campaigns for Wrigleys and America's Got Milk? promotion, while his music has been removed from several radio stations' playlists.
And now the singer's burgeoning movie career looks set to take a nosedive, with movie bosses behind his latest film, Bone Deep, reportedly planning to "erase" the star from the picture's publicity campaign.
Brown stars alongside rapper T.I. and Hayden Christensen in the upcoming 2010 thriller, but will now be removed from the marketing material, including movie posters, film trailer and TV adverts, to avoid controversy, according to

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If we are going to boycott Chris Brown for his actions, then we need to boycott everyone across the board. Stop paying tribute to Nirvana!! It can be seen as endorsing suicide. How many law makers and elected officials are caught drunk driving? They should face sanctions as well. What message are we sending to our youths? That there is no room for forgiveness, only punishment! That people who make mistakes should be thrown to the wolves. If so then Brett Farve"s legacy should'nt exist, nor should A-Rods etc. So should anyone who is the public eye who does what humans do... and that is make mistakes. Chris Brown has given us more to judge him by than just this one unfortunate event.
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