Elton John - Christmas Birth Helped Sir Elton Keep Baby A Secret

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Sir Elton John is grateful his baby boy was born on Christmas Day (25Dec10), because the hospital was so deserted, it allowed the singer time to enjoy the first few hours of fatherhood in private before sharing his secret with the world.
The Rocket Man and his partner David Furnish welcomed their first child, Zachary, via a surrogate and the couple admits his festive birth was a blessing in disguise.
In an interview on U.S. news show 20/20, which aired on Friday night (22Apr11), Furnish says, "It was actually ideal in terms of a secrecy standpoint as well because when we walked into the maternity ward at Cedars-Sinai, it was empty, there was nobody there."
Sir Elton continues, "Nobody wants to have a Christmas baby. People want to have them early or they have them induced or they have a Caesarean, so from a secrecy point of view, it worked in our favour so well."
The new parents are already looking to the future and Furnish insists they are open to the idea of expanding their family: "We're talking about it, but we haven't made up our minds yet. It's not an impossibility."
The couple plans on telling little Zachary all about how he came into the world when he's old enough to understand, and Sir Elton reveals the surrogate mother will always be involved in the child's upbringing.
He says, "She and her family will be still a part of our lives when he's growing up."

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