Doherty's Daughter Backs Up Mackenzie's Incest Revelation

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Actress Mackenzie Phillips' shocking allegations she had a 10-year sexual relationship with her father have taken a new twist - his MAMAS & THE PAPAS co-founder knew all about the sick romance.
Late rocker Denny Doherty revealed all about his bandmate John Phillips' sexual exploits to his daughter Jessica Woods, who watched MACkenzie's big reveal on the Oprah show in America on Wednesday (23Sep09) and felt compelled to back up her story.
She has written to Oprah Winfrey, explaining her father knew all about the twisted romance all along.
She wrote, "I just watched the show with MACkenzie Phillips (and) tears are running down my face. Everything she said is true. My dad told me the awful truth. He was horrified at what John had done and knew all of it."
MACkenzie says, "I'm very grateful to Jessica. I never knew she knew... I don't know how Denny Doherty knew about the relationship."

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THIS IS A LIE!!! I knew John Phillips. I had said all along Michelle Phillips would set it straight & was happy to see her speak forward & state that MacKenzie has been a drug addict for over 35 years & now she wants to sell a book!!! Michelle was married to John for quite awhile. And, where else to unload your dramatic crape but on Oprah!!! Ohhhh the tears!!! Oh, the poor MacKenzie??? How can she even remember after all she ingested??? I also ran into MacKenzie at Ralph's grocery on Sunset & Fuller years ago & she further complimented her lies by looking like hell. Why didn't she speak up when it was going on????? Shame on her & her therapists!!! What a crape load! And isn't it just lucky/ducky for MacKenzie that more people that could counter this or tell the truth are dead----Denny Dougherty & Papa John himself!!! If Dougherty's daughter knew why didn't she come forward to help ???? Yeah!!??
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