Elton John - Elton John 'Doing Extremely Well'

Sir Elton John is ''doing extremely well'' from a respiratory infection which resulted in him being admitted to hospital.

His civil partner David Furnish said that the father of their son Zachary is on the mend after being taken ill last week (23.05.12).

Speaking at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards David thanked the audience for their concern.

He said: ''Thank you for your well wishes,'' he said. ''He's doing incredibly well and recovering.''

The 'Rocket Man' singer cancelled three Las Vegas performances after being admitted to Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre for a series of tests but went home the same day.

David handed out an award with actress Naomi Watts to fashion designer Donatella Versace at the event.

The 65-year-old musician told TMZ.com: ''It feels strange not to be able to perform these 'Million Dollar Piano' concerts at the Colosseum.

''I love performing the show and I will be thrilled when we return to the Colosseum in October to complete the 11 concerts.

''All I can say to the fans is 'sorry I can't be with you.''


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theresa krasnuik

DeRE, ELTON, HOW ARE YOU?hope you are taking care of yourself too, so sorry to hear you are sick dear, how about trying to blow out your troubles into Puffs? my little girl is handing them out in the boxes, I have important things to do, I am happy to get the job, and friends are being really awesome, so I hope you can blow out the respiratory infection, unfortunately in the summer time, nasals are used for a cold in winter, but in your situation you could try as same as when you were 18 - 20 neo citran, that lemon stuff to drink, oh, honey you will love that, and honey works good too, I am so worried about you!, its warm in the weather, Uncle John I mean it you have to clear it all up OK!so does that mean that you are not working until october?or what?those little medicines called cough drops will work now too, vicks, rubbed on your chest and warm blankets to get very warm in comfortable, you're young enough to get it out of you!watching t.v. are you? maybe playing the tennis eh? but don't forget clogged nostrils don't help, sinus congestions don't help, how come you aren't clearing it throughout the concerts playing?you built your fairy tale dream come true, dont let us down love, I lvoe you! (I know ) you have to remember that you could breeath like whistlein your nostrils then you will know you're cleared it all out, hot water bottle too will work, probably you should break out into a cold sweat, then you'll be shivering, and break the fever, remember Elvis' song? Fever, its ereallly true, that he too, as us too, when growing uop, have colds as these, oh, how I loved him Elvis!and you!!couging it out too is good, yoiiu could pretend coughing that will work too, go to the toilet, or sink, and cough up the flem and spit it out regularly through out the day, do not eat sticky heavy foods either, OK, love fromn Elson, the Sundown cowgirl, I got him a cowgirl book today, you know, my 94yearold,gege, and dad, I sent it to him. get it? now undo the bad cold, ok, its not a cold, and wear a hat how about that all summer?! to sweat it out dear, I know I care about you!I am doing fine, losing weight, I will get back to my thinner time Sundown cowgirl yeah, a farm,er I still want to buy cows, I have to get a kitten, have to search for farming area. take care, love you
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