Federline 'Unconcerned' Over Private Investigator Reports


KEVIN FEDERLINE is unconcerned over reports his ex-wife BRITNEY SPEARS has hired a private investigator to unearth secrets about his past. Mark Vincent Kaplan, the star's attorney, insists his client has nothing to worry about if the rumours are true - and warns Spears the investigation is a waste of her money. He says, "I think that if that is what they need to do, or have to do, to have (a go) at it. I don't think it will, in anyway, be a good expenditure of funds. But I can't stop that from happening. "I don't think he (Federline) would be concerned about it, and I don't think he has to change anything he is doing in order to address that." Kaplan, however, praised Spears' decision to hire a chauffeur after she was banned from driving with her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, in the same car. He adds, "Anything that puts the children in a car that reduces the risk... I am all for that. We are only concerned when she is driving the kids." But he refused to confirm or deny reports Spears will celebrate Thanksgiving with her sons. Gossip website TMZ.com reported on Monday (19Nov07) Spears would have access to the kids on Wednesday (21Nov07), with Federline having the boys on Thursday (22Nov07), the official day of the U.S. holiday. Kaplan says, "I think that nobody wants to be celebrating the holidays without their kids. I'm sure that will be worked out in a way that makes sense for everybody."


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I am happy that Brittany is finally doing something about Kevin. I think that Kevin Federline is a parasite and is money hungry. Kevin left his girlfreind who was eight months pregnany for Brittany/and or her money. That is typical of him. He hit a "pot of gold" when he hooked up with Brittany. He claims that he wants her to be involved in their children's life, but those are so words. Anything that happens, he brings it to his lawyers who bring it to the judge's attention, to build up a case against her. His latest was to show the video the the judge. Isn't that typical of him. Brittany worked since she was young, and her mother never had parenting skills, so that Brittany did not have a role model for her own children. Kevin used his street smarts to sweep her off her feet. I can't believe that Kevin gets 20,000 per month which makes me barf. You never see him with the children, all you see is the Nanny's with them. What does he do all day. He SHOULD GET A JOB!!! Also I was surprised that the judge did not ask him to give urine samples. I guess he comes off like a very concerned parent, which doesn't mean anything. I think he thinks that he will get full custody (Godforbid),and the first thing he will do is have his lawyer try to increase the money he is getting now. Brittany has alot of problems, and he cares less about that - he cares about money. I don't think he cares about Brittany and I question how much he cares about the children. I know that Brittany loves those children very much. Brittany, hang in there, and hopefully you will get back 50/50 custody soon. I think that the judge cares about Brittany, more than Kevin. Kevin, remember that what comes around, goes around.
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