Zsa Zsa Gabor - Gabor Will Be In Bed For The Rest Of Her Life

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Ailing actress Zsa Zsa Gabor will spend the rest of her life confined to a bed at her Beverly Hills mansion, according to her husband.
The 94-year-old movie veteran returned home from hospital earlier this month (Mar11) after she refused a second leg amputation, just weeks after part of her right limb was removed to stop the spread of gangrene.
She is now on medication to help combat bloodflow problems, but the star's husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt has resigned himself to the fact that his wife will be bed-bound for the rest of her days.
He tells The Associated Press, "We don't expect her to get better. She will be in bed for the rest of her life."
The actress has been repeatedly hospitalised since she broke her hip in a fall from bed last July (10).

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Zsa Zsa recently celebrated her 94th birthday, enjoying cake and well wishers.Just previous to her birthday, she endured such pain no one could imagine except if they were to experience a fractured hip themselves personally.So much is entailed not only with the initial hospitalization, but with enduring the treatment, separation from home, uncertainty of tomorrow's prognosis and ultimately the question of "why"/"why me?"Add infection that leads to more hospitalization and the verdict of amputation to a leg that was once functional as well as part of a once vivacious person whose days and years were adventurous and spent dancing to life's excitement and success.Now? After the amputation, with weakened spirit in addition to frail and failing body function, perhaps Zsa Zsa has accepted the fate that is apparent.She has denied any further medical intervention...and will undoubtedly spend her days in bed. Especially with plans of who will perform in her movie biography already having been discussed by Zsa Zsa, I feel she is looking to leave memory of her life with those who knew her, worked with her, her fans and future curious audiencesMany prayers have been prayed for Zsa Zsa. I feel it was a miracle that she survived the initial fall and/or recuperated at all. May she be granted her wishes and be ready for the day when He calls her to a new destiny.
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