Lady Gaga - Gaga: 'Madonna Supports Born This Way'

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Lady GaGa has addressed accusations she ripped off Madonna's EXPRESS YOURSELF in her new single BORN THIS WAY, insisting she's received the Queen of Pop's "complete support" over the track.
The pop sensation sparked a huge buzz in the lead up to releasing her highly-anticipated track, which she hailed as an anthem for a new generation, on Friday (11Feb11).
But following the release, thousands of fans, as well as online critics, pointed out the track is almost identical to Madonna's 1989 classic.
During an interview with U.S. chat show host Jay Leno, Gaga failed to dismiss the criticisms, but insisted the Material Girl has no issue with her song - and so neither should anybody else.
She said, "There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan personally and professionally.
"Well, the good news is that I got an email from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be."

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Who is Gaga to say there is no more loving or adoring Madonna fan than her??As a Madonna fan of some 29 yrs standing I find her remarks insulting to Madonna's fans. I can't wait to see this interview and hear her wriggle her way out of blatant plagiarism. I don't care what she says about an email from Madonna's camp. Gaga ripped off that Express Yourself and her lyrics are straight out of 1975's anthem "I Was Born This Way" , a Bunny Jones recording of a young man called Valentino!More fool M's camp if they can't see the theft going on here!This woman is riding high on another artist's 29 yr career!She should get her own songs, lyrics and style. FAKE!!!
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3 years 11 months ago
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