Gibson Confirms He Is To Be A Dad

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Mel Gibson confirmed his girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA is pregnant after he was put in the hot seat by Jay Leno on THE TONIGHT SHOW.
The actor spoke candidly with the TV host during his guest appearance, fielding questions about the dissolution of his marriage and joking about dating a younger woman in an episode that will air in the U.S. on Monday (01Jun09).
Gibson took the opportunity to clear up reports about his relationship with estranged wife Robyn, who filed for divorce in April (09) - blaming himself for the split.
He told Leno, "My wife and I, our marriage ended three years ago and we've been separated ever since then. These things happen. It's unfortunate, it's sad, but you know she is an admirable woman - we still got kids together. We're friends...
"Look, when it's all said and done, I did a pretty good hatchet job on my marriage myself. I'm to blame. If you're inclined to judge, put it here."
Leno then attempted to lighten the mood by asking about Gibson's new younger lover, joking, "What, is she 17, 18?"
The Mad Max star said the Russian singer is nearer to 40, before quipping, "Now I am going to have two women mad at me!"
Gibson was then prodded about rumours Grigorieva is pregnant with the couple's first child, to which Gibson confirmed, "This is true. We're gonna have a child."
Leno teased about his growing brood, "So that will make 29?", with Gibson shooting back, "Well, actually eight. I guess I'm Octo-Mel."
It was Gibson's 21st TV interview on the programme, which is currently bidding farewell to outgoing host Leno by inviting favourite guests for special appearances this week (begs25May09).


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I think she should get an abortion and let Mel Gibson be.Or have a miscarriage, that will be perfect and save everybodys' day!She is in fact 49, so closer to 50 than 40, it cant be good for anybody. The kids are totaly mad at himand no he wasnt separated from his wife Robyn for 3 years! this is a lie!they had problems and she wanted to divorce but he refused and wanted to try to make it work.And they had sex together until thanksgiving in november 2008!Only after that, she wanted a divorce but he refused, said he was sorry and renewed his oath of marriage to her, promising to dont do it agian. She agreed but decided not to sleep with him anymore, until he was straight again, because she had seen pictures of him and oksana the slut coming in and out of his trailer in Boston, in september, and had warned him already then, but then new pictures came up in november showing they were stil together.And instead to quit cheating his wife, he just get mad at her for refusing him sex services, and dated oksana more, and bought her a house in LA 15 days later!She didnt moved in it right away, but he invited her to mexico to make music videos in january and let he rmove into that house in sherman Oaks the 29th of january 2009.He then saw her in february and invited her ot Guanacaste, costa rica the first week of march, where pictures of the 2 were taken and that provocated an avalanche.He had went too far.Since rumor say that she is on her 4rth month, then she got pregy in february.meaning she stop taking prevention as soon as she got the house, knowiing hsi marriage was very fragile at that time, thanks to her!, without telling him, and became pregnant about 3-4 weeks later.What a whore!After he has been acquinted with her past, and with the fact that she dated music producer David Foster the whole time her and Mel were seeign each others, and that this D. Foster bought her a house too, this time in Santa Monica, Mel Gibson do not talk to her anymore. He dont want to see her and do not want to acknowledge fatherwood of the coming child.As it is not his child.David Foster is also divorcing form his wife right now, in the middle of his divorce like Mel Gibson, and like him too, due to his relationship wiht Oksana Grigeriova. She is a terrible person and a professional homewrecker. Mel gibson is trying to rekindle wiht Robyn, but is pissed because she doesnt want to talk to him yet. He isnt living wiht Oksana and do not want to do so.she is and will remain an easy girl looking for money, a golddigger, and thats how he sees her now. He dont know how to get out of this situation, and has to wait for her to be in her 5th month before DNA test can be done to test the kid for fatherwood.After that he will dump her. He speaks of her in very hatefull ways, and of course he couldnt do so on tv. Not before she is out of the picture. As it could be heard in the jay leno interview, he has no intention to marry her. It says it all.It means that he do not acknowledge the child as being his. And yes of course she is the reason of the divorce.She did everything she could to make it happen. Do not beleive a word about what he said on Tv that he was separated from his wife for 3 years meaning that their marriage was over 3 years ago,He only said that to echo the comments that oksanas' mother gave to the press, to prevent that her mother get to know that her daughter did break his marriage, and is a whore!. He said that to protect her!And by doing so expose his wife!This is so low. I am well aware that she use threats to get what she wants from him, but nonetheway he could have avoided saying that kind of things. And in the Jay Leno show he spoke of her being at icons record, what a lie!she never was, he made that up to grant her a prolongation of her visa so that she can give birth in USA so that the kid is granted US citizenship, so that she can get it for free herself that way!I think that the immigration control office should look into her files. She planed it all! and with 2 houses in CA, one in Sherman Oaks, L.A. and one in Santa Monica, she is granted the rigth to stay for a year together with her faulse record contract.Thats so lame! Mel, cut her record contract and her leasing contract and kick her out of the US!We dont need crap like her here! And he is so naive talking about her "making and producing her own album" thats pure add for her. What did she threaten him with ot get him to say such a stupid thng? Wake up dude! She was living with a millonaire and she dated Big Mogul Music Producer David Foster, for a year, at the same time as she was laying you! Does that ring a bell?"On her own", my ass! With a little help from charlie and a little push from her pussy.She cant play the piano but she can spread her legs!and she cant sing, but she surely can open her mouth!I wish she had done so longer and kept the legs crossed that will have help big time the life of so many others, and prevented this mess!. If she was as talented as he hypocritaly lies about in the show, then how come we never heared of her anywhere? and how come she dont even have an amator video of herself on You Tube or in some internet blog, even thus she was together with Timothy Dalton, who is a millionaire who didn't lack contacts in Hollywood and in England, huh? Because she cant do s**t thats why! The alone thing she is talented for is at polishing the brass, and thats all.´Here again she used threats to get her ways.
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