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Mel Gibson's father has hit headlines after reportedly blasting the Catholic Church and declaring Pope Benedict XVI a "homosexual" on a U.S. radio show at the weekend (ends08Aug10). has obtained an alleged recording of Hutton Gibson on the Political Cesspool Radio Program, during which he's asked if the Catholic Church has been "politicised" to the point where it cannot address controversial issues such as homosexuality.
The 91 year old responds: "It's not willing to do so because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer."
When asked if he thinks Pope Benedict is gay, Hutton replies: "I certainly do... why else would he put up with this?... He's a slippery character."
It's not the first time the Gibson family has been tangled in religious controversy.
Hollywood actor Mel Gibson came under attack in 2006 after he fired-off anti-Semitic comments to a Jewish traffic cop, who arrested him on a charge of drink driving in California.
Gibson subsequently issued a public apology for his drunken remarks.
Gibson, Sr.'s interview also comes as his son faces fresh controversy as he battles his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva for custody of their baby daughter, Lucia.
The war of words between the pair has seen Grigorieva accuse the shamed star of assault, while audio footage of telephone calls in which the actor can allegedly be heard hurling offensive racial language and expletive-laden threats at his ex-partner have leaked online.

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Weeehooooo, all breaks lose. What a world we are living in. what a controvosy, what a scandal. Everybody wants worldpeace. But everybody is attacking eachother. What a world, what world. Very smart thing of his father to say such things. When his son is in a struggle to save his private life and career. Very smart. What a world.
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