Mel Gibson - Gibson's Lawyer Dismisses Extra Payment Report

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Mel Gibson's lawyer has disputed reports the son of the actor's ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA is set for a $100,000 (£62,500) windfall to stop him from suing the actor over a heated fight between the former couple in 2009.
The Hollywood star split from Grigorieva, the mother of his daughter Lucia, early last year (10) and she went on to accuse the actor of beating her in a violent domestic dispute.
Her teenage son Alexander Dalton, from her relationship with former James Bond star Timothy Dalton, was reportedly present during the altercation, although he is not thought to have actually witnessed the bust-up.
Grigorieva subsequently dropped her allegations of domestic violence against Gibson and they settled their bitter custody battle over young Lucia last month (Aug11).
In that agreement, Gibson was ordered to pay his ex a total of $750,000 (£468,750) in three equal installments over the next five years.
However, legal documents filed by Grigorieva's representative allege the actor offered the extra cash to Alexander Dalton if he waived his right to sue over the bust-up.
The court papers read: "If Alexander Dalton does not get his $100,000.00, he cannot waive his rights to sue. Mr. Gibson negotiated for that as a part of the settlement and is entitled to the benefit of his bargain."
But Gibson's spokesman has contradicted the claims, insisting, "Mel is paying exactly the sums set forth to (Grigorieva) - and is paying no additional sums to Alexander Dalton or anyone else. How OG (Grigorieva) chooses to have any sums due from Mel allocated is her business."



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once again all wrong articel form cotnactmusic.Alexander dalton did witnessed the feud.. and thats why oksana couldnt use him in court as he told child protective org that his mother lied and that Mle Gibson never beat her and never punched her nor the is thre oposite.. already in march oksa lawyers madea deal with Mle Gibson tha tHE dont sue oksana for exotrtion as it will imply to have alexander to testify in court..and mel wanted to spare the child for having to testify against his mother..there is nothing to go after there and no nobody at all ever said that oksa contract to lawyers said that mel paid alexander to hinder him to sue him about the trauma cused by the janaury 06 2010 altercation.. that one is far out!!it alledgedly say tha talexander can never sue Mle Gibson about anyrthing.. but thats oksana wjho got that order and was pay to stop filing suite against mel gibson that was for him to have peace to can work.what oyu frogot to mention is tha thse signed the congract in august 31 2011, and it imply that she totlay shut up about the case and never mention any detail tomedias.. here she gave alededlgy a full disclosemnt of the deal ot a media, well the contract she signed in fornt of the judge and prosecution imply that this is a breach of contract and that the deal is over if she break that part to dont talk about the case to anyone, and that she lsoe all the money and will have to pay back anyting shealready received.So now omsana is to give back 250.000 dolalrs to mel Gibson and the amont that Mel gibson paoid her lawyers with 850.000 dolars and the child support she already received, and cant ask fro anything anymore.She can expect a lawsuite anytime soon.and to lose the child suport who was fixed in septemebr 2010 at a time when mel Gibson had only visitaiton rigths. But now Mle Gso has equal parental rights and 50% custidy, so legaly oksana is not at allentitled to recieve any money for parenting luica.and since she recieved 250.000$ cahs recently she do not need 20.000 dolars a monht on top of htat and a free house and car and allmedical expensises paid and medecin and scholl by Mel Gibson..So since mel Gibson paty fo r lucia schols and medical care and insurance on the house and housing and car which he legaly do not have to be sole responsible for, oksana is not intitled to receive any money for taking care of luica.she should get 0,00 dolars a month in child support, and be jailed for doing the felony of breaking a contract she jsut signed after receiving the money!
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