Grigorieva: 'I Didn't Break Up Mel's Marriage'


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Mel Gibson's pregnant girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA is tired of people branding her the "other woman" in the star's marriage - insisting she has no control over who she falls in love with.
The Lethal Weapon actor filed for divorce from his wife of 28 years, Robyn, in April (09), and announced a month later (May09) that he was expecting his eighth child with his musician lover.
But despite Gibson insisting he and his wife were separated for three years before they filed for divorce, Grigorieva is convinced she has been portrayed as the 'other women' who broke up the couple's lengthy marriage.
And the classical pianist, who is set to release her first album, has hit back at the media's representation of her - stating that she and Gibson had a "working relationship" for a long time.
She says, "It's not like I was planning to meet Mel specifically. Life happens.There was a working relationship for a long time.
"I thought he was happily married until I was reassured otherwise. And then it happened.
"We live in the same city. I don't control who I meet. I meet many people in art and music and film, but love is inexplicable."
Grigorieva, who is signed to Gibson's record label, already has a 12 year old son with Bond actor Timothy Dalton.

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WHAT A LIER!SHEW DIDNT LIVE IN THE SAME CITY AS MEL GIBSON!seh stalked him purposely in his movie set in Boston, where she had absolutly nothign to do at all but trying to fc Mel Gibsons in his trialer!she went there totaly uninvited after she ehard he hasd bought a record company the 15th of august.Being in the music environement due ot her love affaior (another one) with music mogul David Foster sicne 2005, (among other men she dated too durign those years) she hweard that Mel Gibson owned that company and she stalk him in the movie set.She is so mentaly sick that she kept coming back even after he ahd send ehr away.She also came EACH TIME witha photgrpaehr that she knew form Radar Online, to take pictures of he rin frotn of Mle's trailer presentign herself as beign his comcubine form day one.She staged it up and palned it and calculatied it as the psychopath she is.Of course she broke Mels marriage, she is a profesional Home wrecker, and also broke david foster's amriage in 2005.She leaked pricvate informatios about Mle Giobson marriage to the national enquirer in nov 2008 to cna fragilised his marriage and she did more of it in march 2009 to give it the alst push knwoig it was already vulnerable due to her media stunts. And she never stoped evr since to make media stunts all theitme ot destroy his marriage and any possiblility for his return wiht Robyn Gibson.Like her fkaed pregnnacy in april that she is still faking otday even everybody can see that she cant possibly be in her 7th month!Please people, giv e me a break!how can oyu say she is prengnat? because she sahys it+ cant oyu se with your own eyes that hs eisnt at all?Only a mentaly sick person wil do sucha thing and she is mentali ill and shuld be seen by professionals and fast!She alos want people to beleive she had a professioanl relation with mel gibson beofre, what a lie! he first bought the record label in august 2008 so its impossble.She stalked him purposely lookign ofr anew guy ot fool and get money from.she dont care about peoople for her they are jsut means to ehr goals.she has acted very absuively towardsmel Gisbon and his privacy since the beginign and still do so ot the exctedn of insulting him in public.a few days befrore the CNN interview ad exactly 2 weeks ebfore the GMA interview was aired.She si a joke and she dont even ahve a clue of how bad she sounds! thats how delusional she is.She did everyhtign to can breake Mels amrriage, everythign even bringing photographers ot mels pricvate ebach, after he ahd told her they were jsut friends, cause she didnt like it,a nd had otld her thetre was no way he was going to divorce Robyn! and after he had signed the paper for divorce she dnt like to know that he didnt wanted ot talk to her and thoguth of goign back to Robyn.. so she made the stunt of being pregy!She is not!She is a chronical lyer.She said in an interview she hold for the DAILY MAIL IN JUNE that "its a girl!" with a lot of comments on the that new and nwo she is sayign on CNN that "they" chosed to odnt know the gender of the child. Thats BS!you ahve to be 5 month in to can determine the gendermenaing she was already doen withthe 5th month of prengnacy before the end of june meaning that the baby is expected for october and not decmebr and that she is 7 month prengnat and not 3!Menaing that sh eis lying and trying to keep the media guessing and lookign like she is for ever 3 months pregnant when she is not prenngat at all.Unless she want ot confess that she had an abortion in june, after Mle ask her ot take a DNA test to determine the paternity of the child!This hting is a mess and the sooner the media wils top to suport that chronical lier and psychopath the better it will be.Do some research and ask real questions for a change!
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