Hathaway's Topless Departure

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Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway believes her topless scene in gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain has sealed her move away from teen films. Hathaway starred alongside Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in the Oscar-winning movie in which she revealed her breasts in a sexy scene. The 23-year-old, who is set to star as writer JANE AUSTEN, was previously synonymous with her roles in The Princess Diaries, the story of a young American girl who discovers she's a princess. The star says, "I think the topless scene in Brokeback Mountain was the real departure! "The Princess Diaries came out five years ago and if a girl aged twelve watched that then she might watch my new movie now. "It's lovely to think that my audience is growing up with me."


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It seems Anne is getting things wrong these days she said that she was going to Europe as she was afraid that her new film would be upstaged by Superman and might be a flop. Early reports indicate that TDWP took 21m but only cost 19m to make whereas Superman took 28m but cost 165m to make, I know which I'd rather have my money on. Her statement above seems somewhat strange as she plays a 19 to 20yr old in her next film and Jane Austin at 20, not much of a move. BM was certainly Anns worst roll to date as she did not appear on screen for nealry an hour, was on screen for about 15 minutes in a film over 3 hours long, and even though the film gained many awards, the only recognition Anne received was for going topless. I suspect that many of Anne's fans were very disapointed as the film was advertised as Starring Anne Hathaway, hardly a major roll.It appears that Anne is turning into a very dissatisfied Young Lady.She complains that she hates her figure and the way she looks, I suspect that most of those 12yr olds who now are 17 or 18 would be delighted if their figure compared with Anne's at almost 24.She complains that she is only offered parts turned down by others. But she was offered the Jane Austin roll, a part that might logically have been given to a British actress, and I am sure many would have liked to be given the chance.She now appears to be complaining that she is only offered teen rolls. Many actresses spend a fortune trying to maintain a youthful appearance, Anne has it for free. Her co Star Meryl Streep did not get her first big break untill 28 Anne got hers at 19, which gives her a 9yr advantage what dose she want.Anne would seem to be in danger of upsetting a lot of people, nobody likes someone who keeps whinging on about had badly life is treating them especialy when most would consider what she is complaining about as a bonus. Is it not the case today that Teen type movies contain the most nudity. Perhaps Anne has matured a little by having the unnecessary topless sceen deleted from TDWP.
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