Holmes Is Tired Of Attacks On Her Family

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Hollywood actress Katie Holmes hates the constant media attacks on her marriage to Tom Cruise - insisting it is not fake.
The Dawson's Creek star has been the centre of media attacks since she wed Cruise in 2005 and had baby Suri a year later (06).
But she has hit back at the press for printing lies about her family - branding it a load of "s**t".
She tells Vanity Fair magazine, "I do know what is being said in the press. This is my family, and I do care about them. The stories are not okay. It eats away at me.
"Some of the crap that's out there - it's really frustrating the amount of s**t that's out there!'"

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susan kuby stassi

well, kat the rat maybe if you would stop your crap and move on with your life, and leave tom and the kids alone than maybe people will forget. I don't like you very much, I think you are a bicth and you should just go away.you know something know one really likes you. and your not good for tom. because of you people put him down. so why don't you just shut-up susan kuby stassi,
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