Hulk Hogan - Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Surfaces Online: Do You Dare Watch It?

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With rumors spread across the web for a number of weeks now, it turns out that WWE legend Hulk Hogan's sex tape, starring himself and a mystery brunette really does exist.

The grainy footage uploaded by celebrity gossip site Gawker lasts around 30 minutes and shows the pair engaging in oral sex before getting down to some full blown coitus. But this isn't your average sex tape no, it's much stranger than that (as if a sex tape with Hulk Hogan in it wouldn't be creepy anyway).

To kick things off, there's Hulk and his lady friend in bed about to do the nasty when another man's voice can be heard off camera! So then, the two would be love makers and the mystery man from off camera engage in some idle chit chat before the man leaves the room, reassuring the pair that should they want to continue this talk then he's in the office. If this wasn't crazy enough, it has been reported by Gawker and various other websites since that the mystery man is famed radio DJ and apparently one of Hulk's best friends, Bubba the Love Sponge and the woman is his ex-wife, Heather Clem!

After he leaves, Bubba's name is mentioned by both Hulk and Heather (potentially) when the woman says "We just f*cked earlier today," to which Hulk asks "Who? You and Bubba?"

But that's not all! As the two begin to undress one another, Hulk's phone goes off. Normally this would just be a little awkward but when your ringtone is a song by your own daughter then things are likely to feel a fair bit more awkward. Hulk decides against picking up the phone, and the two get down to the dirty business.

The Hulk video is out on the web now, search for it at your own peril.


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