Idol Bosses Deny Rigging Votes

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American Idol organisers have slammed reports accusing them of rigging the votes on the latest season of the hit U.S. series - after reps for the show's sponsor told fans how to log more support for winner KRIS ALLEN.
According to the New York Times, Idol sponsor, telecommunications company AT&T, sent representatives to two finale parties last week (ends22May09) which were supporting Allen's bid to become the show's next champion.
The reps reportedly gave tips to Allen's fans on how to 'power-text' their votes, while providing them with phones from which they could send 10 message votes at the touch of a button.
The publication accused them of violating the rules of the show, by using "technical enhancements" to increase a contestant's voting power.
At the end of the series, Allen was crowned the winner after receiving more votes than competitor Adam Lambert.
But, while AT&T executives admit their staff did show fans how to vote for Allen, bosses at Idol's Fox TV network insist they have done nothing wrong - because all voting procedures were closely monitored by an independent reviewer.
A statement from Fox bosses reads, "Fox and the producers of 'American Idol' are absolutely certain that the results of this competition are fair, accurate and verified. Kris Allen is, without a doubt, the American Idol. We have an independent third-party monitoring procedure in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process. In no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition."
And AT&T execs are adamant that the extra votes did not hamper Lambert's chances of success.
Their statement reads, "Going forward, we will make sure our employees understand our sponsorship celebrates the competition, not individual contestants. That said, it's quite a leap to suggest that a few individuals could have impacted the final results."

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Why aren't people getting the point that it just isn't about 1 or 38 million votes, or whether they cheated for Kris or they cheated for Adam, the point is that AT&T cheated -plain and simple! I don't know about others, but I was raised with the fact that CHEATING IS WRONG! American Idol is acting like this is no big deal and that's what makes this even worse. I've spent countless hours every year DIALING A PHONE # and voting for my favorite contestant along with millions of other people and now I truly believe that none of that mattered. I sent an open letter of complaint to AI and AT&T but haven't received a response. I want American Idol to stop the AT&T monopoly - allow everyone to text regardless of their phone carrier. Better yet, GET RID OF AT&T altogether. If AI doesn't do this, it creates an air of suspicion which may not get them through another season! THE FANS ARE THE REASON AI IS THE #1 SHOW - NOT AT&T. And to all you naysayers, this isn’t just a rumor, the article was originally posted in the "ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE" - Northwest Arkansas Edition - note I said Arkansas which is where Kris is from. This isn’t just Adam fans crying poor looser, THIS HAPPENED, IT’S A FACT - AT&T CHEATED!!!!!"ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE" - Northwest Arkansas EditionIn Conway after Tuesday's performances, fans at the Estes Stadium watch party took out wireless phones and started making calls and firing off text messages - some voting on their own devices and OTHERS ON PHONES BORROWED FROM AT&T, which SUPPLIED ABOUT FIFTY DISPLAY UNITS and REPRESENTATIVES to TEACH "MULTIPLE POWER TEXTING."AT&T ALSO MADE ABOUT THIRTY PHONES AVAILABLE in a "TEXTING ZONE" at a "WATCH PARTY" at the PEABODY LITTLE ROCK HOTEL, -where Megan Lynch and friend Rainey Gibson, both 22, watched Allen perform his first song of the night, Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine.""I loved it," Lynch said. "One of my favorite things about Kris is that he plays his own instruments. That just shows how talented he is."Gibson, who said she would be voting nonstop, said Allen did an excellent job.A TABLE OF OUTLETS and POWER CORDS WAS AVAILABLE at ESTES STADIUM One of them was UCA student Bill Coghlan, who admitted he didn't actually watch the show, but was voting because "My friend told me to." Nobody had to urge UCA student Brittany Gilbert to dial in votes."I start five minutes before the show ends, and I don't stop," she said, eyes fixed to her phone with fingers perpetually poking buttons. "Never. Not at all. Not to go to the bathroom."She said she was leaving to GET ACCESS TO THREE MORE PHONES FROM AT&Tduring the four-hour voting bloc. Others vowed to remain at the STADIUM and keep voting until the midnight event closed.The event was the FIFTH "WATCH PARTY" organized by the Kris Allen Kick Awesome Task Force, said organizer Sonja Keith.The task force plans another WATCH PARTY at Conway's Simon Park. Another party also is planned for Peabody as well as other sites. Information for this article was contributed by Derrik J. Lang and Erin Carlson of The Associated Press."FEEDBACK:I want to add that the Governor helped with the setting up and sanctioning of the Stadiums and Voting centers and getting AT&T to donate the Go-phones and help teach how to POWER VOTE.Something to say about this topic? Submit a Letter to the Editor onlineCopyright © 2001-2009 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. All rights reserved. Contact Us
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