Celia Imrie - Imrie Criticised Over Anorexia Remark

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British actress Celia Imrie has come under fire from health campaigners after she suggested anorexia nervosa patients are the only ones who can make themselves better.
The Bridget Jones's Diary star battled the condition as a young girl and was even hospitalised to receive treatment for anorexia, which she described as "my own selfish act".
During an interview with Britain's Radio 4, Imrie says, "I absolutely believe that you can make yourself better. Anorexia is an awful thing but you get yourself into it and only you can get yourself out of it."
The 58 year old's comment has been met with criticism from bosses at U.K. eating disorder charity Beat.
A Beat spokesperson says, "I understand her comments are very much from her personal experience. But it is unfortunate that their effect might be that offers with the disorder will feel they are not worth anything, that they have been silly and have brought it on themselves."

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I appreciate as a 52 myself who as a teenager watched a school friend suffer from anorexia that Celia will not appreciate the steps forward and research into this disease that have been made since the 60s and 70s. She is entitled to her opinion of course but it is not helpful to those struggling with the disease. My daughter is a recovering anorexic and as she came through her treatment the realisation of how her illness affected her family made her distraught. Let's get real: people are not blamed for bringing on their depression and anorexia is as much a psychiatric disease as deprssion.
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