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Mel Gibson is an "incredible" and "hands-on" father to his new baby daughter.

The actor - whose girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to Lucia Anne on October 30 - has been praised for his excellent parenting skills despite only spending three days with his newborn because of work commitments.

Oksana revealed: "Mel's very hands-on. He was amazing while he was here for a short visit. He has been very doting and nurturing. He is incredible with children, very kind.

"He's an amazing person and he treats everybody equally. That's what I know. I know him as a very kind and generous person, embracing his friends and family. He's tremendous as a dad, unbelievable.

"He's ecstatic. He is very much in love with her already. She just wins people's hearts, she's so beautiful and tiny."

The 53-year-old actor was forced to take a break from his upcoming film ‘The Beaver' as he rushed to Los Angeles to be at Oksana's hospital side when she went into labour a month early.

Although he missed the birth, he arrived a few hours later and spent three days with his new family before returning to the film set last Monday (02.11.09).

Oksana explained to Britain's Hello! magazine: "I was at home then I got rushed into hospital and, eight hours later, I could look at her beautiful face. Mel came just a few hours later because he had to fly from New York."

Russian singer Oksana also admitted their new arrival hadn't affected their romantic relationship.

She added: "We've always been very spiritually connected and emotionally, too. We've always been very close.

"Having children is an overwhelming feeling, beautiful."

The 'Braveheart' star already has six sons and a daughter with former wife Robyn - who filed for divorce in April this year after 28 years of marriage - while Oskana has a 12-year-old son Alexander with actor Timothy Dalton.


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LOL 3 days? he arrived late friday and left on saturday, and returned to New york not on monday but early sunday morning.. which she dont know about since she wasnt in contact with Mel Gibson! bahhaha "parenting skills" where? lol As I said previously, he wasnt there for the birth, he didnt care.. and NO HE DIDNT RUSHED FROM NEW YORK AS A REASON WHY HE WASNT THERE FOR THE BIRTH.. HE WAS ALREADY AT MALIBU WITH HIS KIDS SINCE THURSDAY, ASSISTING AT A FOOTBAL MATCH THAT FRIDAY, NOT AT ALL INTERESTED BY THIS BIRTH.. oh so now she changed the name into Lucia Anne, I see, trying to sounds like Mel Gibsons first daughter.? it aint going to work. We believe she is tiny. but 8 hours of labor? sounds a bit too much. She sounds all the sudden very in a hurry to give Mel Gibson lots of compliments, guess why? Its not his. Thats why, and she know so. But she doesnt know that he know it too! And no the kid isnt getting his heart, he dont give a damn about that kid, but he is worried that she is so nut that she beleive that he is in love of her and is wild about the kid! That worries him a lot! Because he would like her to get it clear once and for all and to leave the house and his life. Prove she dont know what he do and is not in contact with Mel: she didnt even knew that Mel Gibson wasnt in New York since thursday, that week, but was in Malibu already, therefor didnt had to "fly from New York" just for the birth.. Unless she is simply trying to make things more attractive in a desperate attempt to explain to the press why Mel Gibson wasnt at all with her when she gave birth, thus he was in Malibu, if he love her so much, as she would like to present it.. Oh and now she was a month too early? Oh this is interesting and changing from a second to another.. Still trying to keep that part wishy washy, huh? Well its to late now, cause he know.. THE DNA TESTS SHOW THAT MEL GIBSON IS NOT THE FATHER."We've always been very spiritually connected and emotionally, too. We've always been very close." this part is the worse piece of crap from all the rest! They certainly never were closed, but sexualy, as for the romatical part, ehem, she mean romaticaly involved with his money.. and for the spiritual part, oh mine! she dont really believe anybody is going to beleive her crap? This interview sounds to me like a perfect collateral damage repair from her side.. There is no Mel Gibson here cause it isnt his kid. He wasnt shoting the whole weekend but he spended the entire weekend in New York. And that alone says it all. If she dont get it thats only because she wants the money, and can see that now she lost her grasp on him, and his money, with the fact that the kid is not his.. This is pathetic.Mel gibson returned to new york after the birth sudnay early to go to a bruce springsteen concert!n thats how much he care!She cheated him an dget pregy with somene eklse and scamed both Mel Gibson but all the media. She is a fraude.
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