Javier Bardem - Javier Bardem Froze On Skyfall Set When It Hit Him He Was Bond Baddie

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New Bond baddie Javier Bardem froze during one scene on the set of Skyfall when it suddenly hit him he was playing a role he'd dreamed about as a kid.

The Spanish star admits he has always been a fan of 007 villains, especially Richard Kiel's Jaws, and the importance of his part in the new Bond movie didn't really sink in until one day when he found himself on set with Daniel Craig and Judi Dench.

He tells Wenn, "There was one day I was shooting the movie and I saw Judi and Daniel looking at me and I forgot the lines because I realised that was M and James Bond... I just realised I was the villain in a James Bond movie!

"It was a very intense scene and I heard the James Bond theme and it was Judi Dench's cell phone! It was a dream come true - M herself giving the music to the scene."

Bardem only hopes Bond fans enjoy his Raoul Silva as much as he enjoyed Kiel's Jaws.

He adds, "I'm 43 and I was 12 when I saw Moonraker and was immediately drawn to Jaws. I thought he was a nice guy... I thought that he was a beautiful person!"


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