Jennifer Aniston - Jennifer Aniston Teams Up With Puppies & Dancing Babies For Water Ad

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Jennifer Aniston has teamed up with a gang of adorable puppies, a cocky parrot and dancing babies for a new Internet video promoting SmartWater.
In the ad the actress explains bosses at the drink firm have told her it's not enough to just talk about SmartWater, insisting she also has to go viral, so she attempts to frolic with the out-of-control pups and teach a parrot to say "I love SmartWater" after researching what's popular online.
Instead the dogs run wild and the only thing the bird can say is, "Rachel, I love your hair," referring to the trend she sparked as Rachel Green on Friends.
So she turns to Internet footage of dancing babies, but acts appalled when they become dirty dancing babies.
Aniston then kicks a bespectacled, ginger-haired fan in the genitals, explaining, "Sorry, apparently that's worth about 100,000 hits (online)."
She ends the ad by drinking from a bottle of SmartWater in slow motion as Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street is played and then asks, "What are we gonna call this video?" When a researcher offers, "Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape?" she says, "I love it!"


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