Kidman Hopes Daughter Will Be A Southern Belle

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Nicole Kidman is hoping her daughter SUNDAY ROSE doesn't pick up her and husband Keith Urban's Aussie twang - because she'd love her to have an American accent.
The Oscar-winning actress gave birth to her first biological tot in the summer (08), and the couple has made a home for themselves in the baby's birthplace of Nashville, Tennessee.
And Kidman wants the youngster to ignore her mum and dad's antipodean dialects - insisting she's desperate for her daughter to sound like a southern belle.
Kidman tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper, "I hope she has a Southern accent. I'm glad that (Sunday) is able to say she's born and bred in Nashville and Tennessee. That is really lovely.
"I think it's very appropriate, considering her daddy. His whole life was headed here - from a little boy, he dreamed of coming here. For him to be able to say his baby girl was born here, I think is very special."

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I think it is wonderful that she hopes her daughter has a southern accent. I live in Washinton state but am from NC. I work in a convince store and alsmost every day I get some one saying things like I love your accent. I love listening to you talk. I could stand here forever listing to you talk. you will never here anyone say that about a west coast accent. One time I had a coworker ask me if it did not get on my nervous hearing the same thing all the time? My replay to that was oh no I love it. I have been here off and on for 25 years and when people ask me when I am going to lose the accent my replay is never I not want to lose it. I am proud of my souther accent and the rest of youll need to learn how to talk. good luck Keith and Nichole on haveing your daughter speak with the greatest accent on earth.
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