Mashonda Wants All Of Beatz's Kids To Bond

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Swizz Beatz's ex-wife Mashonda is willing to put her past differences with his pregnant new spouse Alicia Keys firmly in the past so all of the producer's children can grow up "in unity".
The Fancy beatmaker split from Mashonda, the father of her three-year-old son Kasseem, Jr., in 2008 and filed for divorce last year (09).
Subsequent reports alleged Beatz had already moved on to date the Empire State of Mind hitmaker, prompting an enraged Mashonda to accuse Keys of wrecking her marriage.
But she was in for another shock after learning Beatz had fathered another child with a Russian woman living in London. The baby girl was born to Jahna Sebastian in May 2008 and Beatz was proved to be the dad in August 2009.
He is expecting his fourth child, his first with Keys, this autumn (10) - and Mashonda insists she is open to having her son meet all of his siblings, despite her troubled past with Keys.
She tells Hip-Hop Weekly, "I hope that my son can have a relationship with his sister in Europe and I hope all the children involved will grow together in unity. That is very important to me."
Beatz is also dad to another son from a previous relationship, Prince Nasir, who was born in 2000.
The producer wed Keys in France late last month (Jul10).

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It's her life, leave her alone. AK, I mean. Mashonda still needs to butt out. Of course she wants the kids to get along. Hah! Mashonda is the one who caused AK's problems. Insinuating things that weren't true. Knowing she already had problems in her marriage. Knowing AK and Swizz were already seeing each other. Knowing they were already separated. Went to the birthday bash AK threw for Swizz and then pretend she is the scorned woman. If she was so mad, why would she go? Wouldn't that have been a good time to write a little note or speak w/AK? No she just went to the party. ????? I hope Mashonda enjoyed the ride with all the publicity and promoting her book and herself. I don't believe her poor little me story. I don't believe she is all that nice now either. She didn't care who she brought down as long as she got something out of it. Much respect for AK. I wish you the best in all this mess. I know the kids are better off with you in their lives. Guess everything happens for a reason. Love your music!
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