Mason Blasts Albarn For Gorillaz's Glastonbury Slot

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Former Beta Band frontman STEVE MASON has hit out at Damon Albarn for dominating the main stage at Britain's Glastonbury music festival two years in a row, insisting he should have handed over the opportunity to another group.
Albarn and his Gorillaz band stepped in as last minute replacements for U2 when Bono was forced to undergo emergency back surgery.
But Mason has criticised Albarn for accepting the honour to headline last weekend's (25-27Jun10) event after playing on the main stage with his other band, Blur, last year (09).
He tells, "I couldn't explain to you how little interest I had in whether U2 played or not. I could not care less. The only thing that's bad is that Albarn got to have a headline when he had one last year. He should have given it to someone else."
Albarn recently admitted performing at Glastonbury has been among the highlights of his career so far, saying: "For me Glastonbury is the most special festival on earth. I believe that there's magic in the earth there, so I'd never take it for granted."

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First of all, who cares if Albarn happens to be in two great bands or not? They're two very different bands, and if that's the best music coming out of england now, so what?Second of all, who cares if Blur or the Gorillaz play two years in a row, or if anyone does, if there's demand and if they'e good, which they are?To hell with Mason. Tell him to write a second decent record, then he can flap his mouth again.
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